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My desire in marketing — whether an employer's brand or my own — is to provide smart, time-saving solutions that cause activation and achieve results. To showcase this, my hope is to have completed work samples, stored in the cloud as a backup, automatically populate into a diverse working portfolio.

As I make a transition to a site that will allow more flexibility, please click here for a low-resolution portfolio and review samples of my work in the blog posts below.

Contact me at your convenience with any questions or problems.

Get Your Tickets ... Here.

Suite tickets. Game tickets. The only tickets I haven't designed are speeding tickets ... yet.

"What's the 'Skin'-ny?" or "'Spec' It Out!"

On any scale, it's important to spec out your work. On large-scale projects, it's HUGE. The following designs were once just a little spec of creativity. Through the magic of Adobe Illustrator and some slick post-production work, the designs are all grown up, and can be seen wherever there is team spirit. The following are examples of the skin design for buses and the mascot van, which can be regularly seen around town, a cycling jersey, and a decorative pin made for the 2011 Champion Jr. Hurricanes.

It's Not All About Hockey

Working at RBC Center is awesome; it's almost like the building is alive. And between all of the different events and activities going in and out of the building at any given time, it really is like a breathing, concrete beast. It's not unusual for people forget about the catering, food, and event services at the arena ... until they see these ads. Then they never forget.

Make Your Mark

In business, it's all about first impressions. In fact, pretty much everything outside of business is about first impressions, too. A great logo is a great way to make that impression last.

All-Star Designs

While the production for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game was collaboration between the league and all of the fine Hurricanes employees, I was fortunate to have my hands on some of the biggest pieces of advertising for the event. Literally. Three samples of projects I worked on follow, including the RBC Plaza graphic.

Get Connected

The Hurricanes eBlast, CanesConnect, has a current subscriber list of around 150,000. That's 150,000 readers who want all of the most important Hurricanes information on one neat, concise package. Who doesn't want to see some of the hottest starts in the NHL in their Inbox on a weekly basis?

It's Amazing What Four Colors Can Do

Cyan. Magenta. Yellow. Black.

On their own, they're not the most attractive colors. Put them together with some nice creative and you'll be surprised what you can get.

But it's no surprise that some of these ads -- seen in publications throughout the country -- are award winners.

My role on the following ads varied. Some were just resizes. Some were my new concepts. Whether they were meant to promote a lifestyle or move millions of dollars worth of inventory, all of them were exactly what the client wanted.





Click the following thumbnails to download a PDF sample.


Social Networking

Is Social Networking not the greatest thing ever? If you have the ability to spell, and even for the millions who don't, there is a place for you on the Internet! And why shouldn't businesses take a slice of that big, free Social Networking pie?

While it's not the first time a company or community tried a Blog or a MySpace, the aesthetically pleasing ones are few and far between.

The following are two samples of creative, fresh out of concepting and live on the Web. My role on both projects was interactive design, using elements from previous creative, and light programming.

Direct eMail ...

Because it's not SPAM if you asked for it.

Occasionally, our clients want a way to reach their clients in a fast, easy to use electronic medium. But what's the easiest way to reach thousands of contacts instantly?


From inventory ads to open house events and grand openings, one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a customer is by using e-mail -- and knowing the right way to eBlast makes all the difference. Making attractive, functional e-mails isn't always pretty. Until now.

Below are screen shots from a few of our many successful campaigns.

My role on all of the featured eBlasts included concepting, art direction and HTML programming.